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Health coexists with us; illness comes occasionally.

Health accompanies us at birth; illness is a superficial phenomenon. But if we ask a physician to define health, he can only say that health is present when illness is absent.

Paracelsus used to say that this interpretation is wrong – the concept of health needs to be positively defined. But how can we reach a positive definition, an interpretation of the concept of health that will be creative?

Paracelsus used to say, “Until the state of your inner harmony is known, you can at best only be released from your illness ? because your inner harmony is the source of your health. But when you are released from one illness you will immediately get another, because nothing has been done about your inner harmony. Your inner harmony has to be supported.”

Five hundred years have passed since Paracelsus, and his discoveries disappeared into oblivion. But now, during the past twenty years, astrology has re-emerged. During this time a new science has been born. I will describe this new science a bit, and then you will be able to understand the ancient science of astrology more easily.

In 1950, a new science was born called cosmic chemistry. The originator of this science is Georgi Giardi, one of the most significant men of the century. After endless experiments in the laboratory, this man proved scientifically that the whole universe is an organic unity ? that the whole universe is one body. If my finger is hurt, then my whole body is affected. The body means that no limb is separate, all are joined together. If my eye is in pain, then my big toe also experiences that pain. If my foot is hurt, the message reaches the heart. If my mind is ill, my entire body will be disturbed. If my whole body is destroyed, then it will be difficult for my mind to find anywhere to be. The body is an organic unity: touch a single part and the whole body vibrates; all parts are affected.

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